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Started On: 12:00 PM 15200 Hwy 17 N Suite E, Hampstead, NC  28443

Wilmington, NC – November 10-11, 2018

Bolus and Barbells went to Wilmington, NC for the first ever two day event! Thanks to over 33 participants, multiple speakers, and a fantastic host gym, Break Away Fitness and Performance, the first two day event was a huge success. Day one kicked off with nationally recognized certified diabetes educator and author of Think Like a Pancreas, Gary Scheiner, giving advice on how to manage blood sugars through different types of exercise. Gary, a Type 1 Diabetic himself, was able to provide both professional and personal experiences. Colt Scott, from Netflix Ultimate Beastmaster Season 2, talked about the obstacles he has overcome both with diabetes and in life. After breaking for lunch, there afternoon was filled with Strongman events! Attendees learned how to do heavy farmers carries and we ended the day with an epic relay race carrying weighted kegs! Energized after day one of getting to know everyone and learning about strength training and diabetes, day two included a tech update from Gary Scheiner, an important discussion about disaster preparedness from Kelley Crumpler, and an interesting talk about experience with injury from John Flagg, a Clinical Athlete provider. That afternoon everyone broke up into groups based on lifting experience and got to work with qualified coaches. Beginner lifters learned about proper form, while intermediate and advanced lifters worked on improving their technique while cheering each other on as everyone moved weight!

Probably the most epic thing that occurred during an already epic weekend was a one armed push-up show down by event speakers Gary Scheiner and Colt Scott.  Check out the video on our facebook page!

Thank you to our sponsors: Break Away Fitness and Performance and GlucoLift Glucose Tablets!