Event Speakers

Bolus and Barbells events provide a variety of speakers that discuss topics centered around managing type 1 diabetes, particularly as it relates to resistance training, peer support, and encouragement. Below is a list of our past speakers (in alphabetical order), the event they spoke at, the topic(s) they covered, and a link to more information about them, when available.

Kyle Cochran*, California 2017 – Inspiration from a T1D American Ninja Warrior Finalist

Barry Conrad, MPH, RD, CDE – California 2017 – T1D Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Performance

Stephen Cornely, Philadelphia 2016 – Mobility – When and How to Implement

Kelly Champ Crumpler, RN, CDE*, Austin 2016 – What’s New – Insulin and Tech Updates

Dawn DiPeppe, BSN, RN, CDE*, Miami 2017 – Compare and Contrast Insulin Types

Hilary Emmons*, Austin 2016 – T1D Mom and Crossfit Coach

Ashley Granville, MScN, RN, CDE*, Miami 2017 – Compare and Contrast Insulin Types

Daniele Hargenrader*, Philadelphia 2016 – Sustaining Motivation

Jeffrey Huet*, Austin 2016 – State of Mind

Rodney Miller*, Austin & Philadelphia 2016, Miami & California 2017 – How to Create a Training Plan, The Development of Strength and Other Various Topics on Strength Training

Chris Ruden*, Austin 2016 & Miami 2017 –  Overcoming Obstacles

Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE*, Philadelphia 2016 –  Anaerobic Exercise & Glucose Management

* indicates speaker is a type 1 diabetic.

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