What We Do

Bolus and Barbells, Inc. is a non-profit organization that hosts events for type 1 diabetics all over the United States. These events provide a combination of presentations and hands-on education about resistance training as a type 1 diabetic. Additionally, the events provide peer support and encouragement for strength athletes of all experience levels.

The specific objectives of the organization are:

    • To provide peer support in managing type 1 diabetes with regards to resistance training and exercise;
    • To provide an opportunity for participants to engage in group resistance training sessions under the supervision of a qualified coaches;
  • To provide access to speakers with specific knowledge relevant to type 1 diabetes management and how it relates to resistance training;
  • To sponsor, host, or participate in events and activities that promote physical fitness for type 1 diabetics.


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Who We Are

Bolus and Barbells is more than an organization – it is a community. With each event, the community grows larger and stronger. Once you have attended an event, you are forever a part of the Bolus and Barbells family.

At the heart of Bolus and Barbells is the Board of Directors. The board is comprised of five type 1 diabetics who are passionate about building a “strong” community of type 1 diabetic athletes.

Rodney E. Miller, President and Founder

Rodney was diagnosed at age 4 and has been on MDI for most of his life. He recently began using the Omnipod insulin pump and has used a Dexcom CGM for many years. While competing in powerlifting and strongman, Rodney noticed a lack of support for T1D strength athletes. This is when he got the idea for Bolus and Barbells, and the rest, as they say, is history! Rodney uses strongman demonstrations as a way to portray type 1 diabetics in a positive light and to inspire young T1Ds to grow up to be strong members of the community. A member of the Diabetes Sports Project, he regularly presents at conferences and diabetic camps.. In addition to his day job, Rodney provides strength coaching and nutrition programs for non-diabetics and diabetics.

Rosalind W. Sutch, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

Roz was diagnosed at age 16. She is a long time insulin pump user and started enjoying the tube free life after switching to Omnipod after 15 years on a tubed pump. Roz also uses a Dexcom CGM and believes it is her most important diabetes management tool. After her diagnosis, Roz was the co-logistics chair for the Philadelphia America’s Walk for Diabetes for many years and is currently now a member of the JDRF Eastern Pennsylvania Young Leadership Committee. In 2016, she earned the “Rookie of the Year" award from JDRF Eastern Pennsylvania. Roz was always an athlete growing up, but needed to rejuvenate her interest in fitness in 2012 after losing focus on her health for a few years. Currently, she is a competitive powerlifter who enjoys resistance training 5-6x a week. After attending the first Bolus and Barbells event in June 2016, Roz volunteered her organization and tax accounting skills to officially incorporate Bolus and Barbells as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit entity.

Nicole Coan, Director

Nicole was diagnosed at age 5. At the time, in addition to being an energetic first grader, she was part of a gymnastics power tumbling team. MDI injections did not give her the dosing flexibility she needed in her diabetes management, so she went on her first pump at age 10. She has been pumping ever since! Nicole grew up very physically active, but was isolated from other type 1 diabetics. She attended her first Bolus and Barbells in Philadelphia in 2016 and instantly felt like she finally found a place where she belonged. Inspired by all of the strong type 1 diabetic athletes at the event, Nicole started lifting weights and now competes in powerlifting. Since Bolus and Barbells forever changed her life, Nicole now passionately strives to grow the outreach of Bolus and Barbells.  

Pamela MacElree, Director

Pamela is a fitness professional who was diagnosed at age 9. She currently utilizes a Tandem T:Slim insulin pump and Dexcom CGM to manage her diabetes. Pamela is the owner of Urban Athlete, a private group and personal training gym in Philadelphia, PA. Urban Athlete hosts an annual Burpees & Burgers fundraising event in support of JDRF. An active volunteer and Eastern Pennsylvania Board member of JDRF, Pamela also chairs their Young Leadership Committee. Pamela is a Certified Business Coaching Specialist with Fitness Revolution and holds a Masters degree in Injury Prevention and Sports Performance. She enjoys weight training, photography, gardening, cooking, and the beach.

Michelle Marshall, Director

Michelle was diagnosed at age 23 after growing up with a type 1 diabetic mother. Around the time of her diagnosis, she switched over from being a regular “gym rat" to learning about, and eventually competing in, Olympic Weightlifting. She loves the control and flexibility that using a Dexcom CGM and T:Slim insulin pump give her for training, competing, and just living life! Her other “diabetic" interests include running a T1D Happy Hour group in Portland, Oregon and helping administer the Type 1 Diabetic Athlete’s Group on facebook.

Event Speakers

Bolus and Barbells events provide a variety of speakers who discuss topics centering around managing type 1 diabetes, particularly as it relates to resistance training, peer support, and encouragement.

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